About brandaspect

The Creative Director of Vidshorts principally responsible for videography and video editing.

Win a FREE Film That Promotes Your Business Worth £1000

It’s Vidshort’s birthday and we’re celebrating by offering you the chance to win a FREE video to help you promote your business. The prize is a three minute video including titles (sting) and music worth £1000. Your video can be designed to promote your business, advertise an event, charity or individual such as a business [...]

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Mark Lee’s Inner Circle Mastermind Group

The purpose behind the video was to help promote a new master mind group aimed at account, "The Inner Circle". With the personal nature of the service, demonstrating expertise and appearing personable were essentially to both building a strong brand and presenting Mark Lee as an expert in his field to those who may not [...]

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Investment Fitness Club – December 2014

In this commission Vidshorts was asked to produce a series of films for different pages in one website. The location would be alongside other written material and would act as an introduction to each topic area. When designing the filming of this commission Vidshorts and the client agreed that a video explaining the topic area [...]

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Knight Property Management – March 2014

The brief was to produce a welcome for the home page of a website. Working closely with the client on the script it was agreed that the focus should be for a friendly but credible welcome to the business. A number of takes were made to get the feel just right and immediate feedback from [...]

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xTen club – October 2013

In this video the client wanted to pose a series of questions that many people ask about business groups. When scripting and designing the film Vidshorts proposed filming the reflective question at locations around London and delivering the answer to each question in front of a white screen. This separated the two aspects perfectly and [...]

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Angels Den crowd funding launch – November 2013

The overall outcome the client wanted to achieve in a minute and a half was a brief history of the organisation with some vital statistics and the launch of a new product and website. When scripting, Vidshorts suggested that two distinct locations would reinforce the two distinct messages. Attaching graphics to reinforce the statistics and [...]

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