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We understand the process for creating a great video that meets your requirements to promote your business, demonstrate a product or sell an event. 
We therefore spend time with you to understand exactly what you wish to achieve with your video. This is done with a one to one meeting, skype call or telephone conversation so that together we can craft a script and storyboard. In creating the storyboard we will work with you to develop, hone and polish the script to say what you want your customers and audience to see and hear.

The storyboard that considers every aspect of your film. It will be a guide when it comes to the day of the shoot and ensures that you have everything included in your message. A storyboard also helps you to visualise what the final production will look like without having to wait to see edited footage.

Our storyboards take you from scene to scene. They will give you an insight as to what will be included in the shot: special effects, on screen dialogue, voiceover and timings. In addition, production notes are included to indicate what filming equipment is needed and any props required.

Only once we are all agreed and satisfied that the end result will deliver your message do we begin to film.

We then film, add appropriate music and with clever editing ensure that your video is watched, understood and most of all action is taken by your audience.

The cost and what’s included in a Vidshorts online video

The basic cost of a Vidshorts video under five minutes is £875.
Brief compilation Your objectives defined to get the best output. This helps Vidshorts provide you with advice and help with scripting, filming and editing to give you the best outcome. Included
Brief agreed Based on your brief we will advise on creating your script so that the information, contact details and calls to action skilfully timed in the right places to have maximum impact. Included
Storyboard creation This provides you with a scene by scene visualisation of what the video will look like. Included
Filming Can be done in our studio or at your location.
To ensure that we get the best pictures for your video three takes would be usual.
Editing We will edit the video to match the storyboard and brief and take out all those ums and ahhs. Included
1st edit changes We will send you a first draft (rough copy) of your video. Changes you would like to make can be discussed at this point and these will be added together with last minute improvements that we have identified. Included
 Uploading finished product We send you a link to the video for you to include it into your website or other areas or upload it for you. Included

We are able to include enhancements to your video such as music, logo animation (Sting), computer screen capture and even existing video and include these into your video. Prices on application

Sting: A sting is an animated video, up to 10 seconds in length, revealing your logo or message. This can be placed at any point in the video and helps with branding.

Video marketing plan to maximise target penetration of your vidshort Have a marketing plan developed to target specific customers and audience
Video production training  Want to develop your own video or videoblog. Vidshorts can show you how.
Topics include:
Types of camera,
• Using the camera
• Lighting
• Sound
• Editing
• Uploading onto the web
Video package (Multiple films for timed release)
Ideal for creating a videoblog
Creating multiple films as a package can reduce costs when filmed at the same time. Ask us for details
Existing film improvement
update and improve your existing films
We may be able to improve and update the Colour / sound/ editing of your existing films using our editing facilities. Ask us for details