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Some applications  include:

  • Website welcome
  • Product demonstrations and promotions
  • Company information
  • Video news releases
  • Video for use at Exhibitions
  • Speaker introductiona
  • Event promotion
  • Sales video with links to purchase pages

To achieve this, Vidshorts offers you:

Product Description
Marketing Videos For any of the applications above and usually lasting less than five minutes. Fully scripted with storyboard, filmed and edited. We are able to include contact details, logos, music and animation if required.
Regular Marketing Videos You may have the need for a regular new video as part of a marketing campaign. This keeps your website fresh and your message new. Vidshorts can create a programme of regular updates by filming multiple videos throughout the year. To spread the cost we offer a monthly subscription for this service that delivers four films per annum.
Video Blogs (Vlogs) Similar to Regular marketing above but this delivers a monthly video for upload to your website and once again the cost can be spread throughout the year.
Video Optimisation Known in Vidshorts as “VO” we help you target your video to the audience you want to be watching it. This improves your marketing effectiveness.
Improving your existing videos Often a video can become dated or the quality needs improving. Often we can do this for you by improving the editing, lighting and introducing additional graphics.